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Take Flight On Your Healing Journey!

Take Flight on Your Healing Journey with Counseling Care SpecialtiesTalking over our difficulties with friends is often useful, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. Many people find counseling helpful to discuss personal problems, thoughts, and feelings with a trained therapist in a safe, non-critical environment where they are understood and accepted and are not worried about burdening another person or having to give back in equal measure.

As a psychotherapist, I strive to build a relationship filled with empathy, genuine caring and mutual trust with each client. We can work in a safe, nurturing environment where you can explore your feelings and beliefs, modify self-defeating attitudes and behaviors in order to improve your relationships and enhance your sense of well-being.

My passion is to help you achieve what you want most in your life, to guide you on your personal journey of healing, to encourage you to create your vision, and to empower you to realize your dreams.

How can Margie Freeman help you?

toucan-mfMy practice, Counseling Care Specialties, offers a range of services for a wide variety of problems.  Some difficulties are easily resolved through brief counseling.  Others may require more intensive, long-term psychotherapy.  Individual and couple therapy is available, as well as hypnosis, EMDR, and employee assistance services.  Each situation is individually evaluated. Treatment goals and approaches are determined by mutual agreement. Where medication is indicated, visits with a consulting psychiatrist may be arranged.  At Counseling Care Specialties, the goal is to ensure that you get the best professional help possible. Respect for the client is paramount.  All sessions are confidential.

During counseling, we can work on any of the following issues:

Emotional Issues

Low self-esteem/low self-confidence
Stress management
Anger management
Grief and loss
Post-traumatic stress

Addictions and Compulsive Disorders

Cigarettes (tobacco)
Adult children of alcoholics & other dysfunctional families

Women’s Issues and Life Transitions

Prior sexual abuse
Self-criticism to self-empowerment
Children leaving home
Caring for an aging loved one

Marital and Relationship Issues

Improving communication skills
Overcoming infidelity
Love and intimacy
Sex therapy
Gay/lesbian concerns

Health and Wellness

Weight loss/weight management
Hypnosis for mind/body healing
Relaxation training
Guided imagery

Take Flight On Your Healing Journey!