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Click on links below to download the newsletters. Note: They are PDF files and require the Adobe PDF plugin to view.

Download Winter 2011
How To Create Balanced Relationships
10 Ways Anxiety Presents Itself
How Well Do You Care For Yourself During Difficult Times?


Download Fall 2011
Coping with a Loved One’s Mental Illness
10 Ways to Have the Best Holidays Ever
How Well Do You Handle Your Inner Critic?

Download Fall, 2010
Say the Hard Thing: How to Have that Difficult Conversation
Top 3 Enemies of Depression
How Well Do You Navigate The Holidays?

Download Summer, 2010
Aging Well: Make the Investment Now
10 Practices Supporting Talk Therapy
Are You Living Your Own Life??
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: How Your Body Image Could Be Harming You
How to Be Assertive Without Alienating Your Partner

Download Spring, 2010
Do We All Have ADHD (Or Does It Just Seem Like It)?
5 Issues that Therapy Can Help Heal
How Well Do You Cope with Disappointment?
The Effect of Family Roles on Life’s Choices
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (But You Can Lessen Its Distress)

Download Winter, 2010
Self-Responsibility Starts with an “I”
10 Ways to Simplify Your Life
When Your Buttons Get Pushed, How Well Do You Manage?
Repairing a Relationship after an Affair
New Year’s Resolutions: How To Make Them So You Can Keep Them

Download Fall, 2009
Your Story and You
10 Ways to Plan to Thrive During the Holidays
How Well Do You Handle Anxiety?
Letting Go. Great Idea. How Do I Do It?
When Depression is Mild

Download Summer, 2009
How to Support Your Own Happiness
10 Ways to Practice Acceptance
Do You Fight Fairly?
Sex Addiction
Good Co(operative)-Parenting

Download Spring, 2009
Managing Financial Anxiety
10 Tips for Easing Money Worries
Are You Taking Good Care of Yourself?
Healing the Roots of Self-Hatred
What to Do When Your Partner “Checks Out”

Download Winter, 2009
Changing Relationships
10 Barriers to Self-Growth
How Well Do You Maintain Balance?
The Journey of Healing from Sexual Abuse
Are Your Attitudes about Money Sabotaging You?

Download Fall, 2008
Coping with Change
10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Therapy
How Well Constructed Are Your Boundaries?
The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating After Divorce
Things to Say to Your Partner

Download Summer, 2008
Living a Guilt-Free Life!
10 Forms of Addiction Denial
Do You Give It All Away?
Tapping the Power of Your Dreams
Cultivating Serenity in Your Life

Download Winter, 2008
Finding an Antidote to the Poison of Shame
10 Ways to Start(and Maintain) a Good New Year
How Well Do You Communicate?
Male Bashing: Let’s End the War
Journaling to Grow and Thrive

Download Fall, 2007
Life’s Choices Aren’t All Easy…But They Are All Yours
10 Things to Say to Yourself
Are You Good Listener?
The Holidays: Here They Come, Ready or Not
Make Your Worrying Work For You

Download Summer, 2007
How to Keep Your Cool in the Summertime
10 Stress Reducers
How Well Do You Handle Conflict?
Summertime Drinking – When Is It a Problem?
Doing the Right Thing – Issues in Integrity
Summer Vacations & Families – What to Do With All That Togetherness

Download Winter, 2007
Why Therapy? Exploring the Strengths of Seeking Help
10 Actions of True Intimacy
How Controlling Are You?
What Does It Mean To Be Vulnerable? (And Why Is It Empowering?)
Learning to Trust After Betrayal

Download Fall, 2006
Self-Talk’s Role in Addiction Relapse
10 Ways to Love Fearlessly
How Defensive Are You?
Stop it! Learning to Deal With Verbal Abuse
Saving Ourselves from Self-Sabotage

Download Summer, 2006
The Journey From Loss to Healing
10 Barriers to Connection
Do You Have the People-Pleasing Syndrome?
Bounce Back! Developing Emotional Resilience
Learning to Pay Attention to “Red Flags”

Download Spring, 2006
Giving Respect Its Due
10 Ways to Raise Your Self-Esteem
How Well Do You Practice Empathy?
Healing from Trauma: Putting Yourself Back Together Again
One-Liners to Avoid in an Argument

Take Flight On Your Healing Journey!