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Paths to Wellness

Individual Talk Therapy/Counseling
I build a relationship with each of my clients based on empathy, genuine caring and mutual trust.  You will have the opportunity to explore your feelings and beliefs, identify and modify self-defeating attitudes and behaviors in order to enhance your sense of well-being. You can also examine your family of origin, gain insight into the purpose of your behavior and understand how your past is affecting your present. Through my professional training and experience, I can enable you to explore options you had not previously considered. The ability to view yourself and your situation from a broader perspective often leads to a sense of empowerment and to positive changes, allowing you to “get unstuck” and move toward your goals.

Hypnotic trance is a state of focused concentration, during which time the unconscious mind is more receptive to learning new skills and problem-solving strategies, and clients can learn to alter their sensations, perceptions, and behaviors.  Hypnosis can aid in the treatment of anxiety and depression, in enhancing self-esteem and performance, as well as in overcoming habit problems, such as smoking cessation and weight management. My training in hypnosis was through the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis and The Wellness Institute. I also have specialized training in the use of hypnosis for mind/body healing.

Couples Counseling
I have had many years of experience working with couples to help them resolve their issues, learn communication skills, and improve intimacy.  When working with couples, I attempt to maintain neutrality and do not take sides with either partner, but am rather on the side of the relationship. With my training in family systems and in marriage counseling, I recognize dysfunctional patterns in relationships and use a variety of approaches to intervene and bring about more satisfying interactions. I have experience with heterosexual as well as gay/lesbian relationships. I also have specialized training in sex therapy from the Loyola Center for Sexual Dysfunction.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
I am certified in EMDR by EMDRIA, The EMDR International Association. In addition to healing post-traumatic stress, EMDR can be effective for many other types of problems, including anxiety, depression, pain management, addictions, early psychological abuse or neglect, and performance enhancement. Most pathology is derived from earlier life experiences, which, when insufficiently processed, pervade the client in the present.  EMDR processing of these traumatic memories allows more positive and empowering cognitions and affects to generalize, which, in turn leads spontaneously to more appropriate behaviors by the client. Much research and clinical experience have supported the effectiveness of EMDR.

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